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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chefusion a good place to eat in Green Bay?

Chefusion is something a little bit different for Green Bay, and I like it. I've only ever eaten upstairs in the bar/small plates area, so I can't speak to the more formal experience downstairs. With that said, I love the small plates concept.

Is chefusion a good restaurant?

Their drinks are fun and inventive as well, and service has always been friendly and attentive. While this likely isn't an 'everyday' restaurant, Chefusion is great for a more special night out or if you want to have something a little bit different. I hate to admit that all my time in I've lived in GB, I've never been to Chefusion.

What is a 3 course meal at chefusion?

Chefusion has a unique... menu where you are welcome to spend time with them throughout a 3 course meal. This consist of an appetizer , main course and dessert for a single price. We started with some wonderful drinks and fresh breads - Martini’s and Local Beers and of course the FRESH bread they provide.

What kind of parking is available at chefusion?

Street and Parking lot parking are additionally available. We offer a wide range of dinner music, mostly light jazz. Take a look at our website for the weekly line-up Fridays and Saturdays at

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