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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Chef Chu's?

At Chef Chu’s, our goal is to treat every day like it’s our Grand Opening day. With that in mind, we continue our commitment to providing you with the freshest, healthiest and most consistent Chinese food on the Peninsula. Our newly revised menu has changed to reflect the lifestyle of today, with more healthy and fresh choices than ever.

Why is chef Chu so popular?

I believe that it's mainly due to the name being a staple for decades, thus Chef Chu's popularity. Every time I decide to give it another try, they come out short. I can't say that their food isn't good, but then again, there isn't anything that you can't find elsewhere, nothing stands out, and I've tried most everything on the menu.

What's in chef Chu's Mai Tai?

Chef Chu's Famous Mai Tai made with light and dark Myer's rum, original Mai Tai mix, fresh lime, mint and pineapple. Refreshing Lychee Martini, a refreshing infusion of lychee liquor and chunks of fresh lychee. Piña Colada, light rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream.

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