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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chef's Kitchen?

What is a chef’s kitchen? As the name suggests, a chef’s kitchen is a type of kitchen that can accommodate the storage, preparation, and cookware requirements of a professional chef. Now, before you say it, we understand that adding a chef’s kitchen to your home sounds equal parts extravagant and unnecessary.

What is the Best Chef's kitchen layout?

The best chef’s kitchen will include kitchen layout ideas that focus on movement. A double galley layout with a long kitchen island running parallel is often the optimum choice for a chef. Every item in your chef's kitchen should have a purpose to make the cooking and prep process as seamless – and fuss-free – as possible.

What is a gourmet kitchen?

A gourmet kitchen is far more casual than a chef’s kitchen and is usually designed to accommodate the specific cooking style and needs of the homeowner. Taken up pickling? A gourmet kitchen will have enough bench space to accommodate the entire pickling process and enough cupboard space to store both your pickles and preserves.

Who are the chefs in the Food Network?

Chef Nathan Weida Chip Roman Chris Scarduzio Christian Gordon Christopher Lee Christopher Scarduzio Clark Frasier Daniel Boulud

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