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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best smartphones in Kenya?

Samsung Galaxy A03 is among the best latest smartphones in Kenya. It offers standard features like a simple-looking layout with plastic construction, a noteworthy battery performance, and three wonderful color options. 13. Tecno Spark 8 - KSh 13,500 Five Tecno Spark 8 smartphones. Photo: @Table Shaker

What are the best smartphones in Fiji in 2022?

Tecno Pop 5 Pro is one of the best phones on Tecno’s 2022 line-up. It supports dual SIM and is also splash/water resistant. The device has a glass front, and plastic frame and back for durability. 14. Samsung Galaxy A03 - KSh 13,200 Five Samsung Galaxy A03 smartphones. Photo: @vodafoneFiji

What is the cheapest Tecno phone in 2022?

Tecno Spark 8 is another incredible device and one of the cheapest Tecno phones in 2022. This gadget is slightly more advanced than Tecno Pop 5 Pro; hence the slight price differences. Moreover, its large 5000mAh battery promises smooth operation and long talk time when fully charged. 12. Oppo A15 - KSh 15,000 An Oppo A15 gadget.

Why do Samsung products dominate the Kenyan technology market?

Samsung products dominate the Kenyan technology market because Samsung is among the first companies to venture into this space. Other brands find it hard to compete with Samsung's phones and home appliances in this country. As a result, Samsung's smartphone prices control prices of most phones in Kenya. Thank you!

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