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Why EQ is the new IQ?

EQ is the New IQ: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Tech Candidates. November 3, 2021. As the need to retain IT talent becomes a top priority in the tech industry, employers have dramatically shifted their focus to hiring candidates with a high level of emotional intelligence.

How to improve EQ?

Tips on How to Improve Your EQIdentify What Emotions You're Feeling. ...Stay In The Moment. ...Identify Your Triggers. ...In addition to the above suggestions, here are 10 quick tips to improve your EQ: It can be difficult to improve your EQ, but it's worth the effort. ...

What exactly is EQ?

What exactly is EQ? Emotional intelligence is commonly described by psychologists as the ability to notice feelings and emotions in oneself and in others, and to use that information to guide thinking and actions. A high EQ, the idea goes, can serve as a rudder for problem-solving and decision-making.

Is eq really important?

Using EQ to assist in the mixing process becomes very important. The best mixes make room for every element to be heard, and without some EQ, certain instruments tend to mask each other by competing for the same frequencies. One common example is bass guitar and kick drum.

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