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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chapelwaite on TV?

Here's how and where to watch the upcoming horror TV show, Chapelwaite. The series is an adaptation of Stephen King's short story, "Jerusalem's Lot" from his Night Shift collection (not to be confused with his full-length novel, 'Salem's Lot ).

What is Epix Chapelwaite?

Epix Chapelwaite is an upcoming horror television series based on the short story " Jerusalem's Lot " by American writer Stephen King . It is written by Peter and Jason Filardi , and is set to premiere on Epix .

What happened at the end of Chapelwaite?

Chapelwaite ended with Charles and company laying siege on Jakub’s church, a rundown ruin in the nearby abandoned village of Jerusalem's Lot. In a climax not unlike that of the legendary Stephen King miniseries Salem’s Lot, Boone’s group defeated and killed Jakub and seemingly saved the community from vampires and Charles' family from the curse.

Is Chapelwaite based on a true story?

On EPIX and starring Adrian Brody and Emily Hampshire, Chapelwaite is a ten-episode series based on Stephen King’s 1978 short story “Jerusalem’s Lot,” an epistolary tale told through correspondence between two friends.

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