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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mirror a superstition?

But had you decided to look a bit further into it, you would have found that this superstition stems from the ancient myth that holds that the mirror reflects not just one's external surface, but one's soul, as well.

Are mirrors weird?

Mirrors are weird, and this is reflected in plenty of legends and lore. There are instances throughout history of paranormal activity gravitating towards mirrors, which takes various forms.

Why are mirrors covered up after a death?

In some German and Dutch cultures in the past, mirrors were covered up after a death because it was believed that catching a glimpse of yourself after a member of your household died meant that you would go next (and soon ).

Why was I staring into a mirror for an hour?

I was staring into a mirror for an hour this morning because I was trying to straighten my soul 's bangs. If you've been to a slumber party (or, at least, a slumber party held before the advent of Netflix), then you're familiar with the game "Bloody Mary."

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