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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace a mirror?

Start by finding your replacement mirror. There are two types of replacement mirrors—snap-on and stick-on. This will help you determine whether the backing plate behind the glass needs to come out as well. Do It Right: If the mirror is heated, you’ll need to detach the wires involved before removing the old backing plate.

How long does it take to swap out a mirror?

It's not just a lens anymore, it's a turn signal/marker light/spotlight module with a single harness plug on it. I swapped mine out after someone crunched the lens. Took about 15 minutes total. Watched a YouTube video of a guy doing it on his 2016 F150, same mirror. Location: Lost in the Ozone....

Why do designers leave off side mirrors?

Or as often as not, designers just leave off side mirrors entirely. Because why not? They can always pretend that there is a little lipstick camera mounted somewhere on the body side.

Could camera mirrors be designers' second victory?

Although U.S. regulations won't allow camera mirrors yet, this could eventually be designers' second victory after winning the war to put absurdly large wheels on every car on the face of earth. From the June 2019 issue of Car and Driver.

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