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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the properties of a block reference?

You can modify the position, scale, rotation, and other properties of a block reference in the Properties palette. These changes affect only that instance of the block reference, not the block definition.

How do I explode a block reference in AutoCAD?

The exploded block reference is disassembled into its component objects; however, the original block definition still exists in the drawing for insertion later. Note: You can automatically explode block references as you insert them by selecting the Explode option in the Insert dialog box.

How to replace a block in AutoCAD?

How to Replace a Block in AutoCAD 1 Make sure that the new block you want to insert is defined in the drawing. ... 2 Choose Express> Blocks> Replace Block with Another Block or enter blockreplace on the command line. 3 In the BLOCKREPLACE dialog box, choose the block that you want to replace from the list of blocks in the drawing. See More....

How to edit reference in AutoCAD?

Click Insert tab Reference panel Edit Reference. Find From within the current drawing, select the reference that you would like to edit. If the object you select in the reference belongs to any nested references, all the references available for selection are displayed in the Reference Edit dialog box.

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