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Frequently Asked Questions

What functions are performed by the cerebellum?

The cerebellum has several functions relating to movement and coordination, including:Maintaining balance: The cerebellum has special sensors that detect shifts in balance and movement. ...Coordinating movement: Most body movements require the coordination of multiple muscle groups. ...Vision: The cerebellum coordinates eye movements.Motor learning: The cerebellum helps the body to learn movements that require practice and fine-tuning. ...More items...

What are the symptoms of a damaged cerebellum?

Lose balanceLose muscle coordination in a hand, arm or legHave difficulty walkingSlur your speechHave difficulty swallowing

How does a damaged cerebellum affect the body?

When the cerebellum is injured, some of its functions can be compromised and cause motor problems. There may be a loss of the ability to precisely control the direction, force, speed and amplitude of movements, as well as the ability to adapt output patterns to changing conditions.

What would happen if the cerebellum was damaged?

Some of the areas that cerebellum brain damage affects include:Ability to organize, plan, and initiate actions (also called executive dysfunction)Abstract reasoningWorking memoryVisual memoryLanguage skillsMotor learning

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