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Frequently Asked Questions

What functions are performed by the cerebellum?

The cerebellum has several functions relating to movement and coordination, including:Maintaining balance: The cerebellum has special sensors that detect shifts in balance and movement. ...Coordinating movement: Most body movements require the coordination of multiple muscle groups. ...Vision: The cerebellum coordinates eye movements.Motor learning: The cerebellum helps the body to learn movements that require practice and fine-tuning. ...More items...

What is the cerebellum and what does it do?

Balance and posture: Your cerebellum works with sensory input from your eyes and ears to keep you upright and steady.Motor learning: This involves the learning and fine-tuning of various movements. ...Speech: The cerebellum is also involved in the movements associated with speaking.

What are the symptoms of a damaged cerebellum?

Lose balanceLose muscle coordination in a hand, arm or legHave difficulty walkingSlur your speechHave difficulty swallowing

What does your cerebellum control?

What is the cerebellum? The cerebellum, which stands for ‘little brain’, is a hindbrain structure that controls balance, coordination, movement, and motor skills, and it is thought to be important in processing some types of memory.

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