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Frequently Asked Questions

Are centerfire rifles better than rimfire?

This design difference makes centerfire rounds much more reliable. There will be far more potential misfire incidents using rimfire rounds than centerfire. When it comes to training, practice, or hunting smaller prey, rimfire rounds are perfectly adequate.

What is the best military surplus rifle?

Top 5 Best Military Surplus Rifles For Those on a BudgetArisaka Rifle. The Arisaka series of bolt-action rifles were originally designed in the late 1890s. ...Lee-Enfield Rifle. The Lee-Enfield rifle is more expensive than the other rifles on this list, but it can still be commonly found for less than $500.Mauser Rifle. ...Mosin Nagant. ...The SKS. ...Bonus: the M9 Beretta. ...Conclusion. ...

What's the smallest centerfire revolver round?

In 1910, Pfannl patented a small bullet that he called the Kolibri, the German word for hummingbird. .22 Short Kolibri compared to 22 Short, 22 LR and 9mm. This is a super small round. In fact, its believed to be the smallest centerfire round ever placed into production as verified by both Barnes and Wilson.

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