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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Centre for Health Research and innovation?

Centre for Health Research and Innovation is a PATH affiliate in India that aims to create lasting public health impact across the country. We work on some of the most critical areas of public health including tuberculosis, maternal newborn child health and nutrition, neglected tropical diseases, malaria and vaccines.

What is the AHA Center for Health Innovation?

Accelerate your impact through solutions, collaboratives and training programs. At the AHA Center for Health Innovation, we believe that hospitals and health systems must lead, embrace and manage change to build a better health care ecosystem.

Is the Center for Health Innovation’s RFP open?

The Center for Health Innovation is pleased to announce its 10th annual Innovation Pilot Awards Request for Proposal is now open! Access our RFP submission page using the link above for more information on how to apply for up to $50,000 in funding!

What is the sleep innovation research grant?

Dr. Nicole Short, assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, was awarded the Sleep Innovation Research Grant by the Departments of Allied Health Sciences Office of Research and Scholarship and Neurology. Dr. Short will investigate the intersection of poor sleep and exposure to trauma among women.

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