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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Center for Health Research?

National Center for Health Research - The Voice for Prevention, Treatment, and Policy. The National Center for Health Research conducts, analyzes, and explains the latest research and works with patients, consumers, and opinion leaders to use that information to improve their own health and to develop better programs, policies, and services.

What is the Center for health information and research?

The Center for Health Information and Research (CHiR) is a multidisciplinary unit at Arizona State University. We serve as a resource, tool, and collaborator for individuals and organizations that need comprehensive health care information and data analytics for public, private and research uses.

What are the key focus areas for CHRT?

Key focus areas include affordable care, Medicaid policy, health care issues, coronavirus, long term care, care transitions, mental health, and substance use. CHRT works side by side with local, state, and national health policy and practice leaders.

What other types of studies do CHR researchers do?

What other kinds of studies do CHR researchers do? We do a wide range of clinical studies including trials of cancer treatments, cancer detection, ways to improve care, vaccine safety studies, comparisons of diabetes treatments, and vaccine trials for diseases other than COVID-19.

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