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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to cash a third-party check?

First National Bank charges a $10 fee to cash third-party checks. HSBC Bank does not charge a fee for cashing checks that were issued from their bank, but will charge $3 and up for business checks. M&T Bank will take 2% of the third-party check’s value in order to cash it.

Can I cash a check if I'm not a customer?

Go to the Check-Issuing Bank Though some banks may cash checks for noncustomers, others will not do so. However, if you go to the bank that issued the check, you likely just need valid ID to cash the check. After all, that's its own check. Still, you may have to pay for the privilege because you're not a customer.

Can a friend Cash a third-party check?

Where you endorse the check, also write, "Pay to the order of" with the person's name. This is known as a "third-party check," and bank rules on accepting such a check may vary, including possible fees. But if your friend or relative's bank will take the check, then he or she could cash it and give you the money.

How do I sign over a check to a third party?

If you have a check that you’d like to sign over to a third party, the best thing that you can do is to write your instructions on the back of the check. Instruct the bank, credit union, or check cashing store to pay the value of the check to the order of your desired recipient.

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