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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carvana a good way to buy a car?

Yes and No. Carvana is a good way to test drive a car for a few days rather than for 20 minutes, as you would be allowed at the dealership. It’s also an easy way to search for lower-price vehicles.

Why is Carvana so cheap?

Why are Carvana cars so cheap? Carvana keep their prices down by offering used cars with minimal manual labor in their business model and having high-rise automated showrooms to keep property costs and expenses low. This in turn allows them to have staff working remotely in sites which cost less.

Is Carvana a good deal?

Sometimes Carvana can be a good deal, sometimes not. It all depends on the vehicle and its condition. There will be times when Edmunds may offer a better deal, which is why it is important to get multiple offers.

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