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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carvana a good deal?

Sometimes Carvana can be a good deal, sometimes not. It all depends on the vehicle and its condition. There will be times when Edmunds may offer a better deal, which is why it is important to get multiple offers.

Is Carvana a good way to buy a car?

Yes and No. Carvana is a good way to test drive a car for a few days rather than for 20 minutes, as you would be allowed at the dealership. It’s also an easy way to search for lower-price vehicles.

Does Carvana offer financing?

Carvana review details. Car shoppers can get pre-qualified financing offers with a soft credit inquiry, which won’t lower their credit score, making it good for rate shoppers. Though most customers who finance a purchase use Carvana financing, you can also pay with cash or financing from an outside lender.

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