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Frequently Asked Questions

How good was Carson Wentz’s DVOA in 2021?

Wentz’s DVOA in 2021 was 16th in the NFL at +1.8%. So just above league-average. For comparison, Brissett’s 2019 season was also 16th in NFL in DVOA but was higher at +2.6%.

Was Carson Wentz’s performance on Sunday Coming?

Sunday’s performance had been coming. Barfing up turnovers is part of the whole Wentz Experience, he has just had an unusual amount of turnover look for extended stretches this season.

How many ‘turnover worthy’ throws did Carson Wentz throw on Sunday?

ProFootballFocus, the NFL’s leading charting service, charted 16 “turnover worthy” throws from Wentz heading into Sunday, with over half of those coming on the road – and that might be a conservative figure.

Could the Colts move on from Carson Wentz this offseason?

One of the bigger reasons why we are beginning to believe the Colts could move on from Wentz this offseason was the lack of commitment Reich made when discussing his quarterback situation in 2022.

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