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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Carson Wentz play an entire season without throwing an interception?

It pointed out that Wentz, the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, was one game away from playing an entire season without throwing an interception on the road. It’s a neat stat.

How good was Carson Wentz in his first year?

Carson Wentz had an up-and-down season in his first year as the Colts’ starting quarterback. He finished the season 322-of-516 (62.4%) for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 94.6.

How does Carson Wentz’s ball-handling affect the Colts’ RpoS?

The first set of clips is from the Colts’ Week 9 matchup against the New York Jets. Wentz’s ball-handling on these RPOs allows him to pull the ball away from Taylor at the last second and get it to his open receivers. With so much attention focused on Taylor, it allows easy completions for Wentz and the offense.

Is Carson Wentz the Colts’ quarterback of the future?

Is the talent there for Wentz to be the Colts’ quarterback of the future? Absolutely. Is the consistency and ability to perform in the clutch? 2021 says no. And now the Colts are left with a decision to give him one more year to prove himself or move on.

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