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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CarMax actually inspect their cars?

Yes, they do inspect the cars, and in a far better process than traditional dealers. See, CarMax’s inspection process is Pass/Fail. Most cars do not pass and are simply wholesaled to other dealers around who don’t mind selling those cars. Is CarMax easy to get financed?

Would you buy a car from CarMax?

You shouldn’t buy from Carmax if…. You want the absolute best possible price on a car. Carmax makes around $2,100 profit per car sale, compared to a dealer’s $1,400 and Carvana’s $950. This means that you can expect to overpay by about $1,000 for a car from Carmax.

Is CarMax a trustworthy dealer?

Yes, CarMax is a legitimate company that does what it says – it purchases your vehicle directly from you. While CarMax has an A+ score, it’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an overall score of 1.2 out of 5-star rating. It also has a rating of 1.8 on Trustpilot. Some of these complaints were from sellers who complained about the slow service.

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