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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Laurel Toyota?

In January, CarMax sold Laurel Toyota in Maryland to Sheehy Auto Stores of Virginia. The company told Automotive News it expects to wrap up the remaining Toyota dealership sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this year. CarMax will retain its Kenosha location for selling used vehicles.

What happened to CarMax?

After 27 years, America’s largest used-vehicle retailer, CarMax, recently announced it’s exiting the new-vehicle retail business. The Fortune 500 company is dumping its last two franchised dealerships, both Toyota, to specialize in used- car sales. The news comes after the auto retailer touted its new 24-hour test drives.

Can you buy used cars at CarMax online?

It has also launched a marketing campaign to get the word out that consumers can buy used vehicles at CarMax online. The new technology allows customers to seamlessly shop in physical CarMax stores or online for an easy and enhanced buying experience. The pandemic has forced auto retailers to facilitate remote and online sales to stay competitive.

Does CarMax still offer a “love your car” guarantee?

Recently, CarMax announced a new policy. With its “love your car” guarantee, you get a 24-hour test drive and a 30-day return policy on all cars. But despite the company’s exit from new-vehicle sales, its 24-hour test drive still stands. The policy seems better-suited to used vehicles anyway.

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