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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy at CarMax auctions?

CarMax Auctions - Auction Locations CarMax Auctions are honest, open and dealer-friendly! After all, you're not just a bidder number, you're our customer.

Is CarMax's business office inept?

The business office for CarMax appears to be totally... The business office for CarMax appears to be totally inept. Our sales person was Cody Turlington, and he did a great job.

Is CarMax full of theives?

Carmax is full of theives. We went to the Southlake location in Stockbridge, GA. First they ran our credit 3 times because they didn't know how to deal with a waiver of ad valorem tax. By the 3rd try, the salesman running our credit forgot to add my husbands income, getting our application denied.

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