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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cartoon car wash illustrations are there?

1,468 cartoon car wash illustrations & vectors are available royalty-free. Cartoon car wash. Illustration Car wash cartoon. Funny car wash cartoon Car Wash Cartoon Logo with Man using Car Wash Apron.

What is Carl's car wash?

Carl’s Car Wash is a suds-sational cartoon for kids who love all kinds of transportation. Tune in each episode to see what kinds of vehicles take a trip through Carl’s fantastic car wash! Fire trucks, garbage trucks, helicopters, even UFOs…everyone knows that Carl’s is the place to go to get all cleaned up. Holiday Cards from Super Simple!

What was the title song of the movie Car Wash?

The movie's title song, "Car Wash", was a #1 chart-topping hit for Rose Royce, and was one of the biggest-selling singles of the 1970s disco music era. Reflected on Daddy Rich's limousine. Lindy: I'm so tired of you running off at your mouth it's getting me down honey. Why don't you just leave? And be an assassin?

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