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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest Canon rumor?

According to the latest Canon rumors, Canon EOS R5 Mark… The Canon EOS R1 will be the next flagship RF mount mirrorless camera. According to the latest Canon rumors, the upcoming flagship… Let’s take a look at the list of upcoming Canon cameras and lenses expected to be released in 2023.

What is the rumored resolution of the Canon EOS R6 Mark II?

The full-frame camera – which is still riding high in our guide to the best cameras for photography – launched back in July 2020. And according to Canon Rumors, it's about to get an EOS R6 Mark II successor that'll give it a much-needed boost in resolution from 20MP to 24MP.

What could the Canon R8 be known as?

A report from Canon Rumors suggests that the original Original Canon R Mirrorless Camera, which was discontinued back in 2021, will have its place taken by the upcoming Canon R8 or what could also be known as the EOS R MK II full-frame mirrorless camera.

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