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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for cancelled?

WORDS RELATED TO CANCELED discontinued adjectiveended canceled discarded given up interrupted terminated off adjectivegone; remote absent canceled finished inoperative negligible not employed not on duty on vacation outside postponed slender slight slim small unavailable

Is cancelled an adjective?

Adjectives for cancel include cancelable, canceled, cancellable, cancelled, cancelling and cancelling. Find more words at!

Do you spell canceled or cancelled?

The simple answer is that “canceled” with a single ‘l’ is the American spelling, and “cancelled” with two l’s is the British spelling. Various English-speaking countries have developed their own dialects, accents, and spellings, including “canceled” and “cancelled.”

What is the verb for cancelled?

Verbs for cancel include cancel, canceled, canceling, cancell, cancelled, cancellest, cancelleth, cancelling, cancells and cancels. Find more words at!

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