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What are some of your cancelled lyrics?

Cancelled Lyrics: I can't be canceled, there's no way that you can stop me / I'm fully independent, there's no label who can drop me / Y'all been startin' rumors, let me help you with some, ya / "I'

What is the song 'canceled' about?

"Canceled", released on the 18th of October 2020, is a diss track about all the social-media stars which have been canceled online. Larray told about the song, "I don't want anyone to take it seriously. It's a joke. Respect to everybody's privacy and all that, but like it's all a joke. I'm not beefing with nobody. I'm just having fun."

What is the meaning of the song 'cancelled' on TikTok?

“Cancelled” is a song by TikTok star and YouTuber Larray that disses many of his fellow stars. The song title likely refers to the trend of cancel culture, where someone loses support of media and fans due to something they said, generally on social media.

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