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Frequently Asked Questions

What banks accept cancelled cheque images?

You can cut the cancel cheque by double cross line and mark as cancel without signature of your own. Click the photo of it and forward the image of the proof to authority company or person. You can use your cancelled cheque sample image for pf, SBI, PNB, ICICI, HDFC, Allahabad, Axis Bank.

How can I get a cancelled cheque image?

The most direct way to get a copy of your canceled checks is to ask your bank. The exact process will vary from bank to bank. To get the process started, visit the local branch of your bank and ask a teller if you can get a copy of your canceled checks.

How do you write a cancelled cheque?

If you want to write a cancelled cheque, here is how you can do it: Write “CANCELLED” at the top right corner of the cheque. This will let the receiver know that this cheque has been issued and then cancelled. The purpose of writing “CANCELLED” on a cheque is to prevent fraud.

What is the purpose of a cancelled cheque?

A cancelled cheque does not have any financial value and nobody can withdraw money from your account by presenting a cancelled cheque. A cancelled cheque is mostly used to verify your bank account or to set up an auto-debit process.

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