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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Eduardo Camavinga?

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga (born 10 November 2002) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid. Born in Angola, he represents the France national team.

Where did Camavinga grow up?

Camavinga was born in a refugee camp in Miconge, Angola in 2002, to Congolese parents, who fled from Kinshasa. He has five siblings. His family moved to France when he was 2. They moved to Fougères, where he grew up.

When did Adrien Camavinga score his first goal?

On 18 August 2019, Camavinga recorded an assist and was awarded the man of the match award in a 2โ€“1 league win against Paris Saint-Germain. He scored his first goal for Rennes in a 1โ€“0 win against Lyon on 15 December 2019, in the 89th minute of the game. Born in Cabinda, Angola, Camavinga moved to France at the age of two.

When did Camavinga join Real Madrid?

On 31 August 2021, Real Madrid announced Camavinga had signed a contract until 30 June 2027 from Rennes. He made his debut in a 5โ€“2 win over Celta Vigo on 12 September 2021, in which he scored a goal shortly after coming off the bench. Born in Cabinda, Angola, Camavinga moved to France at the age of two.

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