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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Eduardo Camavinga’s family move to Real Madrid?

There were no doubts from Sebastio or any of the Camavinga family to move to Madrid. They wanted to support the new Real Madrid midfielder with the whole family present. “We did not hesitate to come to Madrid,” the brother to Eduardo revealed. “We are a very united family.

What is Sebastiao Camavinga doing now?

The whole Camavinga family has moved to Madrid to support the 19-year-old phenom, but Sebastiao lives his own life. The older brother works as a hairdresser in Madrid and takes public transportation to get better acquainted with the city.

What happened to Eduardo Camavinga at PSG?

PSG was desperate to win the signature of Eduardo Camavinga, but the 19-year-old has always had one club in his heart. Despite the competition at Madrid, Eduardo only wanted to come to Spain, and only wanted to join Real Madrid. “It is the team of his heart. When Barca won the Clasicos, he pouted and locked himself in his room.

Is Camavinga in a'monumental rage'?

Camavinga is reported as being in a 'monumental rage' over the situation and could be looking for a move away after just six months in Spain.

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