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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be excluded from workers comp in California?

Workers in California are most likely to obtain workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation coverage should be maintained for any company with only one employee. Part-time employees are not exempt from the rule. There are no exceptions for seasonal workers; full-time employees are not allowed to participate.

What to know about workers' compensation in California?

California requires workers’ compensation coverage be carried by all employers, even if they employ only one person or are corporate officers or directors. Employers based outside of California could also be required to provide coverage if their ...

How long to settle a California workers' compensation case?

Length of a Workers' Comp Case For half of workers, it took 13 to 24 months to resolve their workers' comp cases. According to the results of our survey, it took an average of 15.7 months for our readers to resolve their workers’ compensation cases—either through a voluntary settlement with the workers' comp insurance company or after a ...

How much does workers comp cost in California?

What Is the Average Workers’ Comp Rate? Just like requirements vary between states, rates also differ across the U.S. In Oregon, employers will pay $1 per $100 of payroll for workers’ comp in 2021. 1 In California, the average workers’ compensation premium in 2021 is $1.56 per $100 of payroll. 2 How to Get the Best Price on Workers’ Comp Insurance

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