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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the California law on workers compensation?

What is Workers' Compensation Insurance? California law requires that employers, including those in the construction industry, carry workers' compensation insurance, even if they have only one employee. The insurance exists for employees who get hurt or sick because of work.

What is workers comp?

Workers' compensation, also known as “workers comp” or “workman’s compensation,” is an important part of your benefits when working in certain industries. It ensures that your employer will help pay for medical costs and lost wages in case you are injured or become ill on the job.

Is workers compensation public records?

The information on workers’ compensation adjudication cases provided through this search function is public information. This search function provides access to information that helps move cases through the workers’ compensation court system efficiently.

What is workers comp Appeals Board?

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is a judicial body with the power to review petitions for reconsideration of workers’ compensation administrative law judge decisions. The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is also responsible for regulating the adjudication process through the adoption of rules of procedure and practice.

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