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Frequently Asked Questions

Is California’s recall election a waste of money?

However, 69% — including 90% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans — said the current recall's price tag, estimated to be $276 million, is a waste of money. Making changes to California’s recall election requires amending the constitution, which would need another statewide ballot measure.

Do voters want to get rid of the recall option?

Despite the support for changes to the process, voters do not want to get rid of the recall option completely. A total of 86% said it was good that the state constitution allows the recall of elected officials.

What do California voters think of Newsom?

The poll found that 56% approve of Newsom’s handling of jobs and the economy, and 59% approve of his handling of environmental issues. Earlier this week, a University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies poll found that 47% of likely California voters back the recall effort.

Can California officials only be recalled for illegal or unethical activity?

The Public Policy Institute of California poll results released Wednesday found that 60% of likely California voters said they would favor changing the state's rules so officials only can be recalled due to illegal or unethical activity.

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