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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the California recall election rigged?

Trump, on Newsmax, claims the recall election in California is "probably rigged" (as if Democrats can't win elections there fair and square) Trump’s comments on Newsmax came hours after Tomi Lahren made similar claims on Fox News.

Should Newsom be recalled in California?

The poll found just 53% of likely California recall election voters support voting not to recall Newsom, while nearly 45% say he should be recalled in the state.

Did computers show early voters they'd already voted in California recall election?

Some early GOP voters who reportedly tried to cast their ballots in the California gubernatorial recall election were told computers showed that they'd already voted, even though they hadn't...

How many voters oppose recalling Newsom?

According to a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll cosponsored by the Los Angeles Timesreleased Friday, 60.1% of likely voters surveyed oppose recalling Newsom compared with 38.5% in favor of it. Fewer than 2% of likely voters remained undecided or declined to answer.

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