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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the stock market open lower on Tuesday?

Stock futures opened lower Tuesday evening after another volatile session on Wall Street, as investors looked to the Federal Reserve's latest monetary policy meeting and press conference to remove some uncertainty on the outlook for monetary policy.

What was the biggest drag on the market on Tuesday?

On Tuesday, shares came well off their lowest points by late afternoon. But another burst of selling in the final hour of trading pulled them lower yet again. Technology stocks were the biggest drag on the market.

What was the revenue for the windows business?

Revenue in the Windows business was up about 20% overall to $6.6 billion. From the company’s 10Q filing with the SEC, here is Microsoft’s explanation …

What did the Conference Board say about economy in January?

Confidence in the economy fell slightly in January, while inflation worries eased and consumers are still in a spending mood, according to the latest survey by The Conference Board released Tuesday.

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