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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best credit cards for small businesses?

Editor's Note: The Ink Cash Business Credit Card by Chase is often hailed as one of the best credit cards for small business owners. You get 5 percent cash back on the first $25,000 you spend each year on business expenses, including office supplies, cellular and landline phones, Internet and cable TV.

What are business credit cards?

These business credit cards offer bonus rewards on categories popular with small businesses, such as office supplies, airfare, advertising and gas. In fact, business-specific bonus categories are one of the main ways that business credit cards differ from personal credit cards.

How do I choose the right business credit card?

Whether you're starting a small business or running a well-established company, it's essential to find the right business credit card to manage your finances and make your business thrive. Apply for one of Citi's dedicated business credit cards that meets your financial needs.

What is the ink business unlimited credit card?

It fills in rewards gaps not covered by the Ink Business Cash Credit Card and the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card. You can maximize this card by pairing it with cards including the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Ink Business Preferred. Read our full review of the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card. No annual fee.

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