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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a ticket on the bus?

you cannot purchase a paper ticket onboard any service including bus, train, tram or ferry it is a single one way ticket which includes a 2 hour transfer window, or 3.5 hours if travelling more than 4 zones you must start your final trip before the printed expiry time paper tickets are non-refundable. Paper tickets can be purchased from:

Does your Casino offer a shuttle bus?

The casino has no shuttle bus provided by the casino. They do have a SUV and driver but I don't know what that entails. Problem with this answer? Not sure about that we just parked our motor home and stayed in the parking lot over night. I would give them a call. Sorry not very helpful.

How do you buy a bus ticket?

Buy online and get an E-Ticket, print your ticket at home and bring it to the station, or collect your ticket at the bus station. Reserve your ticket online via our website or mobile app and pay with cash at over 32,000 locations, now including ACE Cash Express, Casey’s, CVS, Family Dollar, 7-Eleven and Walmart.

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