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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my building reports Canada account?

Login by entering your Building Reports Canada User ID and Password, then click the login button. Forgot Your Password? *Passwords are case sensitive.

Why choose buildingbuildingreports?

BuildingReports’ mobile and online inspection reporting tools enable inspectors to quickly gather data on fire and life safety devices to ensure the working order and code requirements through easily verifiable inspection reports.

What is the buildingreports training program?

Exclusive to Service Members, BuildingReports provides network-wide complimentary training webinars for the benefit of our users. Subjects range from tips for creating efficiencies, deeper knowledge of specific services, to instructions on marketing and selling BuildingReports services.

Why buildingreports is the best choice for compliance reporting?

With more than 7 million inspections to date, over 1 million buildings with 400+ million devices represented, and over 1,000 inspection companies in its network, BuildingReports has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting. Contact Us See how online inspection and compliance reporting tools can change your business.

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