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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song Brown Sugar about?

Sir Mick Jagger has spoken about axing Brown Sugar from Rolling Stones gigs, with him saying that the band could not cause shockwaves for ever. The decision to stop performing the song - released in 1971 - came after years of controversy over the lyrics, which include the depiction of non-consensual sex with a slave.

What is the meaning of brown sugar?

brown sugar. 1. a brown powdery confection you put on your oatmeal . 2. Mexican heroin. 3. a black woman. 4. a hit song for the Rolling Stones, a highlight of their shows. 1. when I saw a brown sugar company use that Rolling Stones tune of that name for its TV ad I laughed my ass off. 2.

Who is the song Brown Sugar about?

The truth is that Jagger has been distancing himself from ‘Brown Sugar’ for decades and has long been uncomfortable with the lyrics. The track was initially titled ‘Black Pussy’ and is a harrowing tale about slaves sold in New Orleans who, subsequently, were raped by their masters.

Who sings the song Brown Sugar?

‘Brown Sugar’: The Story Behind The Rolling Stones’ Song Recorded at the famed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, The Rolling Stones’ classic ’Brown Sugar’ topped the American Hot 100 on May...

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