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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biostar US?

"Biostar US is THE cleanest, most-sustainably sourced, ethical animal supplement company. The company produces the most effective, whole-food formulas for dogs and horses, without any compromise.

How do I order accessories for my Biostar product?

Biostar sells its products through major distributors, resellers and system integrators across the world. All of our products have met the highest quality and compatibility standards in the industry. If you wish to order accessories for your Biostar product, please head over to the Order Page.

What is Biostar V-Ranger?

Biostar has the distinction of being the first to allow end-users to modify voltages and frequencies of the video card's GPU and memory to boost performance to extreme limits ( overclocking ). [15] Those cards are either called "V-Ranger" or "V-Series". [5]

Does Biostar offer a warranty?

All authorized Biostar distributors and resellers should honor and offer a 1-year warranty on new Biostar products. Please return your defective product to your supplier for warranty exchange.

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