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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bing Maps driving directions?

Bing Maps’ driving directions are a handy tool for your travels prepared online before or during your journey. Many options, including real-time traffic updates, avoid tolls, highways, or ferries, which you may find helpful when discovering unknown areas. Bing map users may get driving directions between two or more selected locations.

What is Bing Maps?

Bing Maps has been around since 2005, just not as Bing Maps. The original product was a continuation of Microsoft MapPoint—a basic mapping program—and TerraServer—Microsoft's collection of satellite images from the U.S. Geological Survey. Today, the system offers a bird's-eye view, satellite imaging, and directions.

How do I use the Bing Maps REST services?

To use the Bing Maps REST Services, you must have a Bing Maps Key. The following table lists the Bing Maps REST Services and the common tasks they perform. Click the links for API details. - Find a location based on an address, point, or query. - Get the elevations for a set of locations, a path, or an area on the Earth.

How do Bing and Google Compare in the directions World?

Here's how Bing and Google compare in the directions world. When we checked the route and travel time to the Gartner office in Stamford, CT from the Capterra office in Arlington, VA, they dropped almost identical routes. Bing quoted 271.1 miles, while Google pitched 273 miles.

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