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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does a bikini wax cover?

A bikini wax actually comes in two forms—classic and extended. Classic: A classic bikini wax will simply cover about 1-2 inches on the side and an inch on the top. This is the area where hair may peak through your bikini or underwear. Simple, yet, effective. Extended: An extended bikini wax is based off of the client’s preference.

How to survive a bikini wax?

How to survive a Bikini wax: Prepare: Firstly: not only because it’s not nice for the person who performs the bikini wax, but also because it’s more hurtful during those days: don’t go during your menstruation. The week right after is kinda perfect.

What is it like to get a bikini wax?

getting a bikini wax is very easy. Some people I know scream, cry etc. While others don’t feel a thing. I personally do not feel a thing, and feel like the pain is way over hyped. I recently got my first one and it wasn’t painless. expect it to be red and possibly leading after your first few but 1–4 hours later it goes away.

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