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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pottery Barn Big Sur hold up in basketweave fabric?

My husband and I just ordered the Pottery Barn Big Sur sofa and ottoman in the chambray brushed performance basketweave fabric. Does anyone have any experience with this particular sofa and how it holds up over time? We’ve gone back and forth about which sofa to get for years, and this was the only one we agreed on.

Is the Big Sur like the one at the store?

I'm just curious. We ordered at the store with their design team and had a great experience. Our Big Sur is awesome and exactly like the one in the store. Down Blend just smushes over time. I don’t know how people can stand soft couches

Are Pottery Barn sofas customizable?

Luckily, most Pottery Barn sofas are customizable, but nevertheless, its dimensions are incredibly important to consider (because no one wants to deal with furniture not fitting in their home). Ahead, find our top Pottery Barn sofa picks for small and large living rooms.

Will PB price match Big Sur?

We have an agreement with PB now that if we decided to re-order the Big Sur they will price match what we paid 18 months ago. My fear is that we will receive the same hard couch if we re order. Forgot to add...early on PB sent full replacement cushions...also hard as a rock and so stuffed, unable to zip the covers over the the cushions....

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