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Frequently Asked Questions

Does eyebrow threading hurt more than waxing?

Threading generally is much more painful than waxing. It also usually requires more than one visit to the parlor, and it’s harder to remove afterwards. In fact, after you have your eyebrows threaded, you will typically have to stay in the chair for about an hour in order to remove any excess wax. So if both waxing and threading hurts equally, why do people choose one over the other?

Is threading or waxing better for your eyebrows?

Waxing is a quicker and more effective process than other eyebrow shaping methods. It can also provide a sharper and cleaner shape than threading. Waxing is the ideal approach to manage your brows if they are extremely thick and bushy. However, since the wax is applied directly to the skin, it may irritate a person with sensitive skin.

Is it better to wax or Tweeze eyebrows?

Waxing is always my preferred choice. Tweezing, can only be done for your eyebrows. (okay correction, it should be done with eyebrows) I mean, who tries to tweeze their armpit hair or pubic hairs? It’s difficult. The constant plucking of the hairs can hurt a bit and be quite annoying. But with waxing, I’m getting those hairs at once.

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