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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you search for someone using BestPeopleFinder?

From BestPeopleFinder’s webpage, click on the People Search tab. There, enter the specific person’s First Name and Last Name before clicking Start Search to initiate the process.

Is Intelius the best people finder online?

The best people search site overall. One of the biggest strengths of Intelius is in the design of its reports, which is displayed in a web-like design.

Is Truthfinder reliable for finding people?

TruthFinder does an awesome job at finding people, and the search is more thorough than most people search engines.

What information can you get from a People Search engine?

What Is People Search? A public records search engine is basically an online directory of people organized by location. So you get to find out and know a lot of information about one person, including names and addresses, relatives, crimes records and marriage status, among other things.

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