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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best icons in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

The best icons in FIFA 21: Ultimate Team at a glance 1 Pelé 2 Eusébio 3 Ferenc Puskás 4 Eric Cantona 5 Zinedine Zidane 6 Diego Maradona 7 Ronaldinho 8 Bastian Schweinsteiger 9 Paolo Maldini 10 Ronald Koeman

Is Pele the best icon in FIFA 21?

Unsurprisingly Pele is the highest-rated Icon in FIFA 21, with his Prime Icon Moment version receiving the maximum overall score of 99. Even his lowest-rated version costs over 3 million coins, but every Icon Pele is worth the money if you have a huge budget.

What happened to FIFA 21's icons?

Everyone gets excited about Icons -- especially new Icons -- ahead of the release of a new Ultimate Team. But, as with all FUT cycles, Icons in FIFA 21 have now been largely surpassed by the numerous promotional special cards released over the course of the game's lifespan.

Can you buy icons for less than 100k in FIFA 21?

However, you can still buy Icons at lower budgets and improve your team with some of football's legendary players. There are no Icons available for less than 100k coins in FIFA 21, but some may be purchased for less than 250k. Michael Owen, Paul Scholes and Michael Laudrup all fall into this category as none of them have more than 90 pace.

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