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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Frisbee for disc golf?

Innova DX Aviar Frisbee Our next product in the lineup of best frisbees is for the serious disc golfers. The Innova DX Aviar is a staple in any competitor’s bag because of its dependability and accuracy. This disc is a go-to putter and great for accurate approaches to the goal post.

Should you buy a Frisbee Golf Kit?

If you’re primary motive for purchasing a frisbee golf kit is low price, but still with fantastic discs, then give this set a shot. And if you want an extra disc and a handy carrying bag, consider the 4 disc set. 3. Sune Sport Disc Golf Set

What are the best Frisbees for beginners?

There are actually several different X-Com disc golf packs, both of which provide excellent frisbees for beginners. The 3 disc pack provides the most affordable frisbee golf set currently on the market. At only $18.99 including shipping you can get an easy to throw driver, straight flying midrange, and outstanding all around putter.

What is frisbeegolf?

FrisbeeGolf is one of the fastest growing sports in the US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. If you’re new to Golf disc, and want the next great disc that will help improve your game, and get an incredible price for it, you’ll want to read our different articles, reviews and tips and subscribe to our blog.

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