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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Berklee College of music known for?

Berklee College of Music is a private music college in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world. Known for the study of jazz and modern American music, it also offers college-level courses in a wide range of contemporary and historic styles, including rock,...

What degree programs does Berklee offer?

Explore graduate degree programs, certificates, and courses across Berklee's campuses and schools. Learn how to apply to the college’s undergraduate Bachelor of Music program or view the admissions process for graduate programs. Apply to undergraduate and graduate degree programs in music, dance, and theater.

What is the minimum GPA for Berklee College of music?

The Berklee College of Music admissions office indicates that while there is no minimum GPA for admission, applicants with a GPA of 2.5 or below will not likely be considered strong candidates for admission. Berklee College of Music, which accepts just over 50% of applicants, has a selective admissions process.

Who is the president of Berklee School of Musi?

Former names Schillinger House Berklee School of Musi ... President Roger H. Brown Academic staff 522 Students 6,000 Location Boston, Massachusetts , U.S. 10 more rows ...

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