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Frequently Asked Questions

What are L-glutamine benefits and side effects?

Glutamine is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth in doses up to 40 grams daily or when given intravenously (by IV) in doses up to 600 mg/kg of body weight daily. Side effects are generally mild and may include dizziness, heartburn, and stomach pain .

Should you take L-glutamine supplements?

While L-glutamine supplementation is usually considered safe for most people, there are some who should avoid it . People with kidney disease, liver disease or Reye's syndrome, a severe condition that can cause swelling of the liver and brain, should avoid taking L-glutamine supplements.

Does leucine help older men make muscle gains?

Those who got the supplemental leucine showed significantly more strength gains in their one-rep-maximum leg press than those who got only carbs. So leucine does appear to promote strength gains in older men. Arginine and muscle strength.

When should I take glutamine supplements?

• You can take glutamine every day, after waking, before training, after training, before going to bed and between meals, preferably on a empty stomach, since glutamine is sensitive to stomach (and other) acids, as well as to heat. There’s no need to cut back or cycle in glutamine.

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