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Frequently Asked Questions

Does being a Christian make you a better person?

No, being a Christian does not make you a good person, nor does being a good person make you a Christian. If you have truly accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, then there should have been a change in your life, turning you from your sin, or making you an even better person than you were. , Christianity is all about Christ crucified.

Does being responsible make you a good person?

You do it because it is your responsibility, and you are very responsibility. Being responsible makes you a responsible person. Being good makes you a good person. Yes, because in my humble opinion part of being responsible means owning up to your mistakes.

Is being basic a bad thing?

We have groundbreaking news: Being “basic” is not a bad thing. Right? It sounds crazy. Because everyone feels the need to let you know how “basic” you are because you’re jamming to Iggy Azalea with your white iPhone in one hand and a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in the other. Even further, if you’re doing all that while wearing letters?

Is being a living thing?

Being is usually applied only to humans or to intelligent creatures, real or imagined -- angels, devils, extra-terrestial aliens. It is also applied to God and gods. But there are other things that are living -- animals (including fish, birds, insects, etc.) and plants.

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