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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy beef jerky?

Shoppers can find it at Raley’s, Whole Foods, natural food stores and dozens of other retailers. It’s also at the plant’s storefront, 6332 Lander Ave., and at Weeks said the second plant, in a former building for the Madera Tribune newspaper, will have a jerky tasting room.

Is beef jerky halal or haram?

Conventional brands in the US such as Jack Links are not halal because the beef used to make the beef jerky is not halal. There are several brands that make halal beef jerky. When buying beef jerky, you’re pretty much buying slices of beef, similar to going to a local butcher and buying beef.

What is the average price of beef jerky?

Total beef jerky: 18 ounces. Price per ounce: .99 cents (Price as of March 2019) When they say “all-natural,” what they mean is that this jerky is just meat and nothing else. This can be very good if you’re using the jerky as travel food because plain meat goes with anything.

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